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Answers to common difficult problems of soft capsule manufacturers

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-02
1. Question: What are the advantages of capsule manufacturers? Answer: It is a professional soft capsuleprocessing enterprise, focusing on the research and development of capsule technology for more than 20 years. It specializes in the production of cosmetic capsule-related products. It has won the ISO22716 and EU GMPC certification. The annual production value of capsule processing reaches 2.5 billion capsules and there are as many as capsule molds. 100 kinds of molds can be developed to meet customer needs. 2. Question: What products can be produced? Answer: manufacturers can produce a variety of products related to cosmetic capsules, such as hair care capsules, bath beads oil capsules and other products. 3. Question: What do I need to provide for processing cosmetic capsules? Answer: Incoming materials processing customers need to provide materials such as the declaration of incoming materials, inspection reports and delivery notes. 4. Q: How long does it take for cosmetic capsules to be processed before delivery? Answer: The production quantity of cosmetic capsules is less than 1 million capsules, the raw materials are tested and the materials are complete, and the delivery time is 15-20 days. If special packaging is required, additional time will be calculated. Reply to the actual production arrangement for more than 1 million capsules. 5. Question: Cosmetic capsules How much can be loaded? Answer: You can set the appropriate volume according to the product's efficacy and shape. (For example, eye creams and essence products are suitable for a volume of about 0.3 grams, makeup creams and facial essences are suitable for about 0.5 grams, and essential oils and massage oils can be made into a size of about 1-1.3 grams.) 6. Q: Did the staff disinfect their hands during the soft capsulefilling process? Answer: The production staff wear gloves to operate in the filling room, and every hour they use disinfectant alcohol to clean and disinfect their hands to reduce unnecessary contamination of product quality caused by staff hygiene. 7. Q: What is the minimum order quantity for cosmetic capsule processing? Answer: The minimum order quantity for capsule processing is 20,000 yuan. 8. Q: What is the dressing process when the staff enters the clean area of u200bu200bcapsule processing and production? Answer: When entering the clean production area, it is required to change shoes twice, change clothes twice, wear work hats and masks, clean, disinfect and dry hands, and enter the clean production area after air showering. 9. Question: What are the requirements for the environment of the production workshop of the soft capsulemanufacturer, and how to monitor it? Answer: The production workshop is designed according to GMP requirements, and the production workshop has the requirements of 300,000 class clean area. Relevant departments will regularly monitor the sedimentation bacteria in the air in the filling workshop to ensure that the entire production environment is controllable and safe.
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