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Bath beads soft capsules, you deserve it!

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-05
Do you want to relieve fatigue and have a good night's sleep at the end of the day? There is a capsule product that can not only help you relieve fatigue and improve sleep, but also give you a smooth and smooth skin color, that is, bath bead capsules, which are fragrant and pleasant, fresh and clean, and moisturize your skin. Unique aromatherapy mineral oil. It will dissolve in water, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable bath. Moreover, the bath bead capsules contain natural plant essential oils and amino acids needed by the human body, which make the skin moist and delicate, shiny, elastic, refreshing, and deeply moisturized. The bath bead capsules bring skin renewal and The change essentially changes the color of the skin, increases the moisture content of the skin, greatly reduces water loss, and helps you relieve fatigue and improve sleep. Whether it’s a business trip or home use, it can save time and trouble. You can put it directly into the bathtub; you can also pierce the bath bead soft capsuleand apply it on the surface of the skin. The natural plant essence oil contained in it can make your skin moist and delicate. Full of luster and elasticity. Guangdong—Professional cosmetic capsule processing factory, 13,000 square meters production plant, double certification enterprise, GMPC production workshop, providing professional bath bead capsule processing business, OEM processing business, etc., bath bead oil beads/ODM: 1392666096.
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