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Generally speaking, what is the net content of cosmetic capsules?

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-08
Friends in the cosmetics industry know that every cosmetic product has a standard dosage each time it is used. Most consumers will not pay attention to it. They use cosmetics according to their personal habits. In order to allow consumers to meet the standard when using skin care products, many cosmetic brands have begun to tend to cosmetic capsules, because the net content of cosmetic capsules is not uniform, and the net content of each cosmetic capsule is determined according to the efficacy of the cosmetic itself. , This can prevent consumers from using too much or too young. When capsule manufacturers receive many inquiries about capsule processing, no matter whether they contact the soft capsulemanufacturer for the first time, these customers will not directly ask about the net content of cosmetic capsules. Why? For example, the customer may be processing cosmetic capsules, and the customer wants a pink peach heart-shaped capsule product. He will ask if the shape has the specification that he wants. This specification is the one-time dosage when the consumer uses it. Therefore, the volume of cosmetic capsules is a variable. The net content of cosmetic capsules is related to the shape of the product. Different shapes have different filling quantities. One shape has multiple specifications for customers to choose. Sometimes there may be cases where the shape and filling quantity required by the customer does not correspond to the situation, so what? What to do? Don't worry, you can cooperate with the customer to develop the net content of the cosmetic capsule corresponding to this shape. Hangzhou skin care soft capsulemanufacturers, skin care capsule wholesalers, Zhejiang essence soft capsulemanufacturers, essence oil capsule factories, etc., welcome to consult, the hotline: 1392666096.
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