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How to choose the right cosmetic soft capsule manufacturer?

by:Jinhongbo     2021-09-30
China’s cosmetics processing factories, in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, account for half of the total number of cosmetics factories in the country. If many customers are in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, or Shanghai, they will go directly to the factories to find out if they happen to be not in these places; They will first go to search engines such as Alibaba and Baidu to search for cosmetics manufacturers, and find many cosmetics processing manufacturers to call and make preliminary comparisons of the strengths of these factories. Finally, they will determine a few suitable ones in the concentrated area before coming to the factory. To investigate, brand manufacturers who want to make cosmetic capsules are no exception. It is reasonable to find manufacturers, but there are not many manufacturers of skincare capsules in China, and there are few and few that do well. How to choose the right cosmetics What about capsule manufacturers? Look at the following points. 1. From the perspective of factory hardware (1) Capsule factory working environment and mechanical equipment. If you go to a cosmetic capsule factory and lead customers to explain the factory, if they are familiar with the operation of the factory, they must be professional. They will lead customers to understand product processing machines, visit laboratories, and go to the cosmetics production site. Judge the production capacity of the factory, from which customers can feel the service and management of the factory. (2) The operating life of the cosmetic capsule factory. The longer the operating life of a factory, the more it shows the strength of the factory. Generally speaking, the minimum operating life standard is more than 7 years. For a factory that has time to settle down, the rules and regulations in the factory are perfect and methodical. Yes, whether it is actual production capacity, customer service capabilities, and various cooperation guarantee systems, there are certain guarantees. 2. From the perspective of their own needs, look at the types of cosmetic capsules customers need, whether they are anti-acne, whitening, wrinkle-reducing, anti-allergic or other, functional products customers should do the preliminary work. —An old factory in Guangdong cosmetic capsule processing, which can produce essence capsules, BB cream, liquid foundation, moisturizing cream, essential oils and other cosmetic capsules for you. There are 6 capsule production lines with a variety of appearance shapes to choose from. Customized development of cosmetic capsule products for customers !
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