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Many people want to know the processing flow and MOQ of skin care capsules

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-06
It is a professional capsule manufacturer integrating Ru0026D and production. It is committed to providing one-stop capsule processing services and cooperating with partners in the capsule market, such as the production of capsule products such as cosmetics, hair brightener and bath beads. High praise from customers. When many customers and friends find it through the Internet, some customers who have not been in contact with capsules will ask a question about the process of skin care capsule processing. So today, the capsule manufacturer will tell you about this process. The basic process of skin care capsule processing: 1. Preparation of liquid. There are two types of liquid preparations, one is the capsule shell, which needs to be boiled for emulsification, and the other is the material for preparing the contents. It is necessary to check whether the contents have foreign matter. 2. Press pill and shape. Put the two material liquids in the designated place and preheat the pelletizer for the specified time, and then start pelletizing. During the pelletizing process, always pay attention to the shape of the capsule processed product, and send the product to the drying room for drying. 3 , Pick up pills. After drying, some capsule processed products with large changes in shape and defects should be selected. 4. Inner packaging and outer packaging. The capsule manufacturer will pack according to the customer's requirements. This is basically the process of capsule processing. Frequently asked questions are the minimum order quantity. Basically every customer will consult. Of course, customers can also estimate the cost of capsule processing based on the company's budget. Generally speaking, there is no minimum order quantity. Different capsule processing methods do not require processing costs. So just use a single amount to measure, and the processing can reach 20,000 yuan. Although this is the case, the larger the order quantity The price will be relatively less. Whether you are looking for bath bead processing, essence soft capsulewholesale or bath bead capsule suppliers, you can meet your requirements. For cooperation and consultation, please call: 1392666096.
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