Jinhongbo is a professional skincare capsules manufacturer, specialising in bath oil bead and hair soft capsule for 25 years.



As one of the professional softgel cosmetics ODM manufacturers, our annual production capacity for cosmetics reaches 2 billion.


Each custom service is a moment for our customers to witness the strength of our company.


According to their own conditions, customers customize various specification,shapes, size, fragrance and special functions.


For us, producing the product that the customer needs is the best service to the customer.


Therefore,we pay great attention to the needs of customers,to the purpose and environment of products accurately.


After we know the specifications and other parameters needed by the customers, we need to hold a company technical seminar to determine the feasibility of the special specifications of the customers.


Our company has excellent technical control team. The team has many years of practical experience in the field of cosmetic capsule.


Team members can accurately control the various indicators of the product and strictly enforce the production system.


We will get a result that whether the production is feasible after the company technical seminar.


If it does not meet the company’s production technical requirements, we will communicate with customers immediately and then discuss product details and solutions.


If the customer’s request meet our production requirements after discussed by our technical seminar.


We will make a proofing quotation to the customers and request confirmation. After confirmation of customer, the proofing production is carried out.


After the production of proofing products, we tested these products again.


The test indexes include capsule appearance and color, weight, stability etc.


We have advanced testing machinery to ensure the accuracy of the test data. After the test, we will try the product on the spot to further determine the usability of the product.


After the inspection process is finished, we will transport the proofing products to the customer’s hands.


After the sample is delivered to the customer, we will requirement the customer to inspect our product.

The special properties of the product are affected by ambient temperature.

So testing the product where the customer wants to use it is the most reliable.

After getting the confirmation of the customer’s use, we began to carry out the mass production according to the quantity of customer demand.


The capsules are produced according to the customer’s demand, and then random checks are made on the batch of products to ensure that the quality does not go wrong.


In additions to quality checks, we will take stock of the quantity of these products to ensure that the amount is the same as the customer’s requirements.


After all the indicators are confirmed, we will contact our customers. Ensure the quality of goods during transportation, we suggest that the reefer container used for transportation.


The whole process of transportation is tracked until the customer acknowledges the receipt of the goods.



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