Jinhongbo is a professional skincare capsules manufacturer, specialising in bath oil bead and hair soft capsule for 25 years.

We have many senior engineers concentrating on cosmetics r&d formula and closely following up popular direction of personal skin and hair care products market at home and abroad. We, together with the domestic and foreign well-known raw material manufacturers and research institutions to realized complementary advantages and strong combination , so as to make constant innovation and reserve the rich and stable technology formula, fully meet the needs of customers and market.


After many years of experimental research, we have applied the innovative coating technology to the soft capsule products of cosmetics, breaking through the technical limitation that soft capsules are limited to adding oily contents, and realizing the loading of various water-soluble and alcohol-soluble active efficacy raw materials into soft capsule products through micro-emulsification coating technology.


Jinhongbo can not only provide customers with basic care products, but also can provide cosmetics with special efficacy claims, which can meet customers need to achieve marketable, distinctive characteristics of functional cosmetics.

We provide for you:

Preliminary market positioning suggestions and interpretation of relevant cosmetics regulations;

Guidelines for production design, shape design and efficacy claims;

Research on formulation technology, data statistics, product standards and analytical methods;

Product stability test



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