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Soft capsule manufacturers analyze processing cooperation methods

by:Jinhongbo     2021-09-29
Capsule manufacturers Capsule processing means: refers to the reproduction of capsules; entrusted processing of goods refers to the business in which the entrusting party provides raw materials and main materials, and the entrusted party manufactures goods and charges processing fees in accordance with the requirements of the entrusting party. The processing cooperation methods of capsule manufacturers include: (1) Customers bring their own brands and provide packaging materials, and the rest are provided by us (such as product processing, formulas, etc.); (2) Customers bring their own brands, packaging materials and product formulas, Kangyuan Capsules provide raw materials and product processing; (3) Capsule manufacturers provide customers with one-stop service from brand registration to product processing; (4) Capsule manufacturers directly sell high-quality product formulas, and charge processing fees for each production; (5) Capsule manufacturers Directly provide existing brand product agency or wholesale; (6) Other methods can be negotiated. No matter what kind of cooperation the customer adopts, the capsule manufacturer is able to provide comprehensive services and do our best to build a successful brand for the customer! The capsule manufacturer has introduced industry-leading production technology professionals and advanced management experience, and also makes full use of the capsule manufacturer’s Advantages in production technology, externally undertaking the processing business of cosmetic capsules, bath beads capsules, and bright hair capsules. The high starting point of operation makes our capsule products unique in terms of formula, trace element addition, rubber preparation, color mixing, and fragrance. In particular, the introduction of fully automatic production lines originally imported from South Korea and the United States ensures the stability, safety, professionalism and uniformity of the products. Bright hair capsules, essence capsules, skincare capsules, cosmetic capsule processing, skin care capsule processing manufacturers, Guangdong capsule processing manufacturers. Huan Cosmetics Capsules welcome to inquire the capsule manufacturer, telephone number: 1392666069.
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