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Soft capsule manufacturers talk about the processing conditions and technological requirements of soft capsules

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-02
Capsules have certain conditions. The following is an analysis of capsule processing conditions and process requirements made by soft capsulemanufacturers. The processing conditions of capsules are as follows: (1) Air-conditioning is used in the capsule production workshop to maintain constant temperature and humidity. (2) Keep the room temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius in the batching room, and the RH is below 60%. (3) Keep the room temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius and RH40%-55% between the press pellets. (4) Keep the room temperature at 25-30 degrees Celsius in the drying room, and the RH is below 40%. (5) Keep the room temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius and RH 60% or less in the pill picking room. The technological requirements of capsules are: the smallest volume, the most filling material. Good stability, remarkable curative effect and high productivity. Guangdong essence capsule, Guangdong Liangfasu capsule, Guangdong skin care product capsule, Guangdong capsule processing factory, cosmetic soft capsuleprocessing factory, etc. Welcome to consult the capsule manufacturer, the telephone number: 139-2606-6096.
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