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Talk about the advantages of cosmetic soft capsules

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-03
One-stop skin care soft capsulemanufacturer, the following is a summary of the advantages of cosmetic capsules. There are four major advantages of cosmetic capsules: 1. The appearance and form are novel. The cosmetic capsules processed by the soft capsuleare star-shaped, heart-shaped, peach heart-shaped, animal-shaped, fan-shaped, tube-shaped, round, long, etc. The shape is available for customers to choose. This form of appearance, which is very different from traditional cosmetics, is quite attractive and novel to consumers. In addition, different shapes can also express different themes, which can be unique gifts for relatives and friends. 2. The product is safer. In order to prevent the secondary pollution of traditional bottle and boxed products during consumer use, which may cause the content to deteriorate, manufacturers should add more antiseptic and fungicides to the product formula. The general preservatives are irritating and toxic to the skin. Because there is no secondary pollution in the processed cosmetic capsules, it is possible to add no or less preservatives in this product, so that the safety of the product is greatly improved. 3. There will be no secondary pollution during use of the product. The packaging of cosmetic capsules is compact and the content is designed for one-time use, so that consumers can use one capsule at a time, thus avoiding other packaging forms during use. The possible secondary pollution ensures that the products used by consumers are clean every time. 4. It is safe to carry and easy to use. Due to the packaging characteristics of cosmetic capsule products, it is also suitable for use when consumers are using it at home while on vacation, traveling and working in the field. And its packaging is not easy to break, and it is very safe to carry. It is very convenient to use your fingers to pinch off the neck of the capsule. —An established factory in Guangdong skin care soft capsuleprocessing, which can produce essence capsules, BB cream, liquid foundation, moisturizing cream, essential oil and other cosmetic capsules for you. There are 6 capsule production lines with a variety of appearance shapes to choose from. Customized development of cosmetic capsules for customers product!
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