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Talking about the characteristics of soft capsules

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-05
Guangdong-Master capsule production and development technology, undertake business cooperation such as cosmetics, bright hair capsules, bath bead capsules processing! Guangdong did some analysis on the characteristics of capsules. Capsules have the following characteristics: (1) Liquid oily substances can be directly enclosed in capsules, without the need to use additives such as adsorption and inclusion, and the oily substance content of the capsules is as high as 60%-85% (weight), which is like inclusions. The content is below 50%. (2) If thick gelatin is used to make the film, it can be completely hermetically sealed, the capsule has high strength and film covering properties, and the contents can be kept stable for a long time. According to measurements, the gelatin film has more than 30 times the oxygen shielding properties of polyethylene film. It is very stable to oxygen in the air and can prevent air oxidation and moisture absorption. (3) After ingestion, the contents are released quickly, and the utilization rate in the body is high, and the absorption rate is high. (4) The content has good uniformity and the content deviation is very low. Guangdong, one-stop Guangdong cosmetic soft capsuleprocessing manufacturer. (5) It can cover the peculiar smell and smell of some contents, especially suitable for some cosmetics and hair capsule applications. (6) The taste, color, fragrance, transparency, and gloss of the soft capsulefilm can be freely selected. Compared with other round products, it has a good gloss and is eye-catching. (7) The round airtight container is a kind of clean container, which cannot be mixed with foreign matter during circulation. (8) For low boiling point, volatile (such as perfume, etc.) substances can be stored stably. In addition, some contraindicated ingredients can be added separately to the two-layer content. (9) There is no need to add binders, forming agents and other additives. Generally, capsules are made of gelatin, glycerin and water, which are edible natural products. (10) Capsules should meet the following requirements during production and storage: they should have a clean appearance, no sticking, deformation, or cracking, and no smell; unless otherwise specified, they should be sealed and stored. [gdjhb.com.cn], specializing in providing cosmetic capsules, bright hair capsules and bath beads oil beads/ODM/incoming materials/substitute processing cooperation mode, a variety of capsule molds, customized molds according to customer requirements, welcome to the factory Visit cooperation!
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