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What are soft capsules?

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-03
Today, the Guangdong capsule processing manufacturer came to talk to you about what a soft capsuleis. products (Soft Capsules) are made of gelatin as the main raw material, which is made into a strip of capsule shell through melting, molding, and fusion processes. When the left and right capsule shells are fused and formed, they are formed by injecting a certain function of liquid, fixing, etc. For finished capsules, in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, the production and technological formulas of capsule products are already very mature. In view of the advantages of convenient portability and use, accurate dosage, and resistance to breakage, capsule products also have certain applications in the cosmetics industry. Their shapes include round, oval, fish, tube, and animal shapes. Foshan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a professional manufacturer integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of high-quality cosmetic capsules. It is also an ingenuity that provides cosmetic agents or customers with one-stop cosmetic soft capsuleprocessing services. Professional manufacturer. The company has rich experience and technical background in professional cosmetic capsule production, research and development and sales, because it has undertaken the high-quality production, sales and research and development of cosmetic capsules in Foshan Nanhai Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years. Accumulated professional experience and technical reserves.
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