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What are the factors that affect the cost of soft capsule processing? -Processing common problems-cosmetic soft capsules-soft capsules_soft capsules_

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-06
The cost of capsule processing is a variable, which changes according to customer requirements for products. Customer needs are ever-changing. Then, the cost of soft capsuleprocessing is not static. The capsule products are processed according to customer requirements. The quoted price is different for different requirements. The cost of capsule processing is a concern of every customer. Whenever a customer consults about this issue, the editor cannot tell it accurately. Today, let’s take the cosmetic capsule as an example. There are many types and shapes of cosmetic capsules. Many factors will affect the cost of cosmetic capsule processing. The filling quantity of each capsule product is different, which will lead to different prices and different inner materials. The price will also be different. Then, the costs that affect the processing of capsules include: product shape and product volume, product internal materials, cooperation methods, and others. 1. Product shapes and products. There are as many as 100 cosmetic capsule product shapes. These shapes are available for customers to choose. If customers have other favorite shapes, Foshan Kangyuan can also cooperate and develop new product shapes according to customer requirements. , And each shape has a corresponding product volume. If customers are not satisfied with the volume, they can also develop new specifications. These conditions are also factors that affect the cost of capsule processing. 2. The internal materials of the product also have different situations regarding the raw materials of the product. The first is that the customer provides the raw materials, and it is the most basic item to test the compatibility of the internal materials and the characteristics of the cosmetic capsule; the second is to provide the internal materials of the product, different products , The price will be different if the internal material is different. 3. Ways of Cooperation There are many ways of cooperation, such as processing with supplied materials, customizing with samples, and ODM. Each method of capsule processing is different. 4. Others such as order quantity, outer packaging and product filing. Order quantity is an important factor affecting the cost of capsule processing. The more customers order, the lower the production cost; whether the outer packaging is handed over to the service and the price of the customer’s own packaging is also different; there is also the problem of capsule product filing , Products can only be sold after filing. If some customers are not familiar with the filing process, they will submit the filing to the capsule manufacturer, so the cost of capsule processing is different. These are some of the factors that affect the cost of soft capsuleprocessing, are you probably aware of it? Xiamen Factory, Quanzhou Factory, Wuhan Jingsu Factory, Shandong Processing Agency. You can choose from a senior capsule manufacturer who has been processing capsules for more than 20 years. Cooperative consultation on behalf of processing: 1392666096.
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