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What are the processing methods and steps of soft capsules? -Processing common problems-cosmetic soft capsules-soft capsules_soft capsules_cosmetics

by:Jinhongbo     2021-09-29
Capsule processing methods are divided into two compression methods: compression method (molding method) and dripping method. The first step is to prepare capsule material glue. According to the capsule material formula, the gelatin is soaked in distilled water to make it swell. After the gelatin is melted, the other materials are added together, stirred and mixed evenly; the second step is to make the film. Take out the prepared capsule material glue solution, apply it on a flat board surface to make the thickness uniform, and then heat it at a temperature of about 90°C to evaporate the surface moisture and become a film with a certain degree of toughness and elasticity. The third step is to compress the capsule. For small batch production, it is manually pressed with a press pill mold; for large batch production, an automatic rotary capsule mill is often used for production. Steps of the dripping method: The dripping method refers to a method of preparing capsules by a dripping machine. Pay attention to the formula and viscosity of the glue liquid, as well as the density and temperature of all added liquids. Guangdong -23 years of cosmetic capsule production and technology development manufacturer, accepting essence capsules, essential oils, BB cream, liquid foundation capsules, moisturizing cream capsules and bright hair capsules and other skincare capsules. Capsule processing, OEM processing, ODM processing, sample processing and other cooperation methods.
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