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What qualifications do customers need to provide for soft capsule processing? -Processing common problems-cosmetic soft capsules-soft capsules_soft capsules_

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-03
For brand owners who have just come into contact with capsule processing, they generally do not know what qualifications they need to provide for soft capsuleprocessing cooperation. For example, you are cooperating with capsule cosmetics processing and production. Correspondingly, you have to provide cosmetics-related qualifications. So, what qualifications do customers need to provide for capsule processing? 1. Cosmetics business license 1. It must be a cosmetics company business license, not an individual business license. 2. If the business license contains the scope of cosmetics business, the contents that are not related to cosmetics cannot be processed into capsules. 3. If you do not have a business license, you must first register for the company's business license before you can cooperate with the capsule manufacturer. 2. Why do cosmetic trademarks need trademarks? A trademark is a brand. A brand trademark that only has a business license. Only with a trademark can the capsule manufacturer be entrusted to process cosmetic capsules, so that you can have your own cosmetic brand. manufacturers remind you to keep in mind: you need to provide a cosmetics business license and a cosmetics trademark before you can carry out the processing of capsules. processing, capsule cosmetics, skin care capsule wholesale, Shantou skin care product capsule manufacturers and other capsule processing business, welcome to consult, the hotline: 1392666096.
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