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by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-07
Which manufacturer of Guangdong Liangfasu Capsules specializes in? processing manufacturers are now launching a fashionable, easy-to-carry, crystal-clear and lightweight hair-shine capsule. This hair-shine capsule is the best choice for many people when they travel and work. The method of application is also very simple. Directly pierce the capsule and apply it directly to the hair. It is evenly combed and does not need to be rinsed with water. In addition, this hair brightener capsule replenishes a variety of microelements needed by the hair, deeply cares the scaly surface of the hair, nourishes the hair roots, replenishes the hair oil, and regulates the moisture of the hair. Repair damaged hair tissue, provide nutrition, moisturize, moisturize hair, repair damaged hair, and resist heat. Prevents hair from dryness, split ends and breakage, is the vitality of hair regeneration, restores the elasticity of the hair, presents a soft, shiny, soft and moving force. High-efficiency active hair care ingredients can timely replenish the moisture and nutrients lost by hair damage due to dyeing, perming, and blowing, prevent dryness, breakage, and split ends, so that the hair can quickly restore a healthy luster and feel healthy and radiant. It has the function of moisturizing and brightening the hair, making the hair soft, flowing, shiny, protecting the hair, preventing hair loss, and fixing the hair style. Product Name: Bright Hair Supplement Shape: Variety to choose from Color: Variety to choose from Specification: 1400mg Price: Call or Negotiable Suitable for the crowd: General Kangyuan can be sold: large quantity Remarks: any cosmetic capsule processing Contact the staff of the soft capsulemanufacturer. Which manufacturer of Guangdong Liangfasu Capsules specializes in? -23 years of focusing on the processing of hair care and brightener capsules/ODM on behalf of the processing, the capsule mold industry is complete. Welcome all customers to visit and negotiate! Consulting on behalf of processing: 139-2606-6096.
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