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Which one is better for processing Liangfasu soft capsules? -Processing common problems-cosmetic soft capsule-soft capsule_soft capsule_cosmetic soft

by:Jinhongbo     2021-10-08
Focus on the production of capsule-related products. Taking advantage of production technology, it undertakes the processing business of Liangfasu capsules. The company currently has 6 advanced capsule production lines, and its production capacity is in a leading position in the country, with an annual output of 1.5 billion capsules. Processed products of Liangfasu capsules: Products: Product: Liangfasu capsule shapes: heart-shaped, star-shaped, tube-shaped, oval, drop-shaped, racket-shaped, bomb-shaped, fan-shaped, eggplant-shaped, etc., and can also cooperate with customers to develop new shapes Mold to carry out the hair brightening. Color: Prepare the color according to the customer's preference. Advantages of the product: The bright hair product is small in size, easy to carry, does not cause waste, saves time and effort, and is more worry-free. According to your requirements, formula development, color deployment and mold development are carried out. 3. Strict production technology, complete inspection reports and sales procedures, and strictly produce according to the formula. 4. There are professional after-sales service personnel to follow up your order throughout the process, guaranteeing quality, quantity and period. 5. You can choose capsules, processing with supplied materials, customizing with samples, ODM and other processing methods. —Professional Liangfasu capsule processing factory, 13,000 square meters production plant, dual-certified enterprise, GMPC production workshop, providing professional cosmetic capsule processing business, OEM processing business, etc., Liangfasu soft capsulesoft capsuleprocessing: 13926066096.
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