Jinhongbo is a professional skincare capsules manufacturer, specialising in bath oil bead and hair soft capsule for 25 years.

Bath Oil Beads

Bath Oil Beads are a kind of high-grade personal care nursing series. It contains emulsifying agents and other extract nutrients. When used the bubble bath beads in a bathtub, the bath oil pearls melt naturally and the nutrients are released into the water. The skin absorbs fully, so as to achieve the goal of personal care.  The lovely bath oil beads and the scent make your bath become more enjoyable. Besides, it will melt away the tiredness of the day.

Foshan Jinhongbo supplies and processes various types of bath oil pearls and soft capsules, which can be matched with different colours and fragrances. Filling amounts range from 1000mg to 7500mg. The bubble bath pearls and bath oil beads come in a variety of shapes such as fish, star, duck, sunflower, etc. The colour can be made transparent and pearlized. New moulds can be customized according to customer needs. Capsules for exclusive customers can be customized. Bath oil pearls and bubble bath pearls are pleasantly scented, refreshing and moisturizing. Unique aromatherapy mineral oil that dissolves in water. Bath beads contain natural plant essential oils and amino acids required by the human body, making the skin moist, delicate, shiny and elastic. It can be completely dissolved in water for bathtub or directly applied to the skin surface.

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